Ever dreamed of meeting a real mermaid?

These life-like tails are made from high-quality silicone, detailed with individual scales and textured fins, and most importantly, are


We’ll dazzle your loved ones with activities such as mermaid makeovers, water games, a mermaid trick performance and more!

Check out our mermaid pricing below to bring these magical creatures to your own personal grotto, or see our Upcoming Events page to find out where they’ll be appearing next!

Don’t forget to ask about upgrading your Little Mermaid princess party with our Silicone Tail Add-On!


fancyful original mermaids

-Your performer will choose her own special mermaid name and backstory!-

princess-themed mermaids

Look what happens when our Little Mermaid shares her magic with her friends… No, you’re not dreaming! You really can book our “Snow Queen” Mermaid and “Ice Princess” Mermaid to swim at your child’s party! Give your child the best of both worlds- her favorite characters transformed into mermaids! On-land and in-water party options available.

*$20 Wig-In-Water charge will be applied for swimming character mermaid parties

-Please note Arkansas sales tax will be added to final cost. Travel fees may apply-


Q. How does the mermaid get into my pool?

A. Excellent question! Our mermaids are carefully looked after by what we lovingly refer to as “Mer-Handlers.” Your Mer-Handler will be responsible for the transportation and safety of your mermaid throughout the duration of your party or event. Our staff will discreetly arrive onsite 20 minutes early in order to prep and prepare for your mermaid encounter. Your performer(s) will need a room in a disclosed location away from children where your performer will have a minimum of an 8 foot long space to lay down and transform into her mermaid tail. Once she’s ready, your Mer-Handler will carry her to the pool area and gently place her by the poolside or in the water, and she can take it from there! Please note that the Mer-Handler is strictly there to keep eyes on the mermaid and keep her safe at all times, and will not serve as a lifeguard for other guests.

Q. What activities will my mermaid do?

A. We do our best to fill every moment of your Mermaid Encounter with as many magical activities as possible! You can choose from both on-land and in-water activities such as water games (Diving for Treasure, Mermaid Swim Lesson, Swim Through the Hoop, Sharks and Mermaids, Mermaid Relay Race, Red Fish/Green Fish), an interactive storybook reading, mermaid wishes, a seashell necklace craft, or mermaid makeovers (not waterproof. We recommend saving this activity for post-swim time.) Please advise that most of our water games are geared for children that are familiar with and comfortable with swimming, and might need to be adjusted for younger children. Additionally, if you have a pool with water 7 feet deep or more, your mermaid can showcase her magnificent fins with a mermaid trick performance! Please note that the amount of time you select to have your mermaid at your party will affect the number of activities we are able to do, but we will do our best to accommodate your request! We suggest taking pictures with the mermaid at the start of your party before she swims in the pool, to keep hair and makeup fresh.

Q. Will my mermaid be in character?

A. Our performers are trained actors who always come prepared with a backstory, and you can bet they’ll have an answer to all questions concerning mermaids! We want this to be the most immersive, interactive and realistic experience for your child as possible, so our mission is, as always, to keep the magic alive! You can help us do that by encouraging all adults attending your party or event to play along and treat your mermaid just like a real mermaid! If you have any questions regarding “human" things at your party, please consult your onsite Mer-Handler.

Q. Can I have “The Little Mermaid” come to my party?

A. Of course! Our “Little Mermaid” themed mermaid is prepped and ready to go! Please advise- we have two different options for Little Mermaid parties, so be sure and specify which type you’re wanting! If you would like one of our on-land princess parties and you would like for the Little Mermaid to come in her life-like silicone tail instead of her fabric mermaid skirt, be sure to mention that you would like to upgrade your costume on our Princess Party Online Request Form. If you are wanting a swimming Little Mermaid pool party, you will need to fill out a Mermaid Encounters Request Form. Please also note there will be a $20 fee for booking a swimming “Little Mermaid” for wig care and maintenance.

Q. Do you offer underwater videography?

A. We sure do! As a good majority of the magic of our Mermaid Encounters is made underwater, we want to make sure you get to watch those memories happen for yourself! You can book our on-staff videographer to come and take unforgettable footage of your party both in and out of the water with our waterproof GoPro camera! We’ll email you a video montage of the footage taken at your party within 2 weeks of your party date. Pricing for our videography packages is available on our Mermaid Encounters Request Form. To see an example of our videographer’s work, check out these videos here:

Q. What do I need to know about safety?

A. These silicone tails are very realistic, very powerful, and built for swimming. Your child is welcome to swim in the pool with the mermaid, as that’s exactly what we’re here to do! Please be aware that you will need to instruct your child to be careful around the mermaid, however. No pulling, tugging or holding onto the mermaid as she swims will be allowed, both for the safety of your child and our performer. Our Mer-Handlers will keep a close eye on our mermaids to ensure that these rules are followed. Encourage your child to be gentle around the mermaid, just like he or she would around other creatures.

Q. How much room does my mermaid need to swim?

A. Our mermaids need water a minimum of 4 feet deep to successfully swim in the water with your child. If you would like a mermaid trick performance, she will need an area in the pool with a minimum of 7 feet deep. If you have younger children that are not expert swimmers, it is advised that the children observe the mermaid swimming from the side of the pool, or that a designated adult is present in the water with them.

Q. Can adults swim with the mermaid?

A. Of course! Do note, however, that the more people in the water, the less space your mermaid will have to swim. If you or any of your family members would like to experience swimming with a mermaid, please take turns to prevent crowding.

Q. Can I tip my mermaid performer?

A. Yes! Tips are always encouraged, but not required. If you wish to tip your performer, please do so away from the eyes of children. Any payments or tips can be given to your Mer-Handler at the end of the party.


*Our mermaid tails are underwritten courtesy of

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